Sake, the young bullterrier

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Sake at his first gay pride

Together with Bas van Tol and myself, Sake enjoyed his first Gay Pride. Because of the heat I went for an iced latte from Starbucks. There were already way too many drunk and crazy men running around. Sake could not care less and was rather bored by all this gay stuff. Good dog  😉

Scooter dog

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In the window

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Tarot as baby

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Bas van Tol made the picture, leaving our house with a crying Tarot.

Bergen aan Zee by Bas van Tol

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Bergen aan Zee

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Today I felt I had to go to the beach. The sun was shining, my bosses were a bit slow. I convinced to arrange a car from our friends and take me to the beach. Surprisingly, it was forbidden for me. I thought we had come over apartheid by now, but seriously, puppies are not allowed on the beach? But screaming and nude children are?
My bosses has enough balls to take me anyway, and it felt a bit like Dog Pride. We’re here, we’re beasts, get used to it. Talking about the emotionalization of pets, this woman understands me very well. We are on this planet, but we will never become humans. I cannot read that sign anyway. And my bosses kept me on this fancy leash and picked up my shit. Hah!

Bike bag

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Playing with Bas in Amsterdam.